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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

Linda did you live in Brooklyn Ave. Flixton as a child?
Thanks to Joan Nicholson!

Antony Stock - did you used to go to Manchester Grammar School with my brother Roy Davies and live on Church Road? Both my brother and I went to Urmston Junior School and remember Mr Gibson Mr Swindells and Mrs Ilott.
Thanks to Harry Davies!

Just browsing this site for the fist time, I'm amazed to see my old address mentioned. I lived there with my parents, Bill and Dorothy Jackson, and my sister, Janet (now Janet Whitfield). We moved to 38,The Grove around 1960, from 443, Flixton Rd. (by the station). We had the Claytons on one side and the Lenigans on the other. My dad worked as a building inspector with U.U.D.C. I worked at Boots in Urmston, and later at Wilson's Brewery.
Thanks to Brian Jackson!

Harry, I used to work with your brother before he left for Canada. I often wonder what happened to him.
Thanks to Colin Fuller!

Hello Anne Story nee Burgess. Perhaps you already know that there is a picture of your brother Barry with me and our kid in my Reminiscences memoir. Your dad cleaned our windows at 1, The Grove. Do you remember that shed at the back of your house in 1949 where a guy kept a Morgan three wheeler motor-car? And young Pat Cotton who lived at no.18. Her brother Jimmy died only a few years ago. Pat now lives in Swinton. By chance I met your sister Margaret in 1989 at her house in Davyhulme, and she gave me a warm welcome. You may recall John Cookson at no.26 who later emigrated to Australia. We had our Bonfire Nights,1940,s on the school field near your house, when Daisy Birtwell treated us kids to home made treacle toffee. I have a photo of Mrs Birtwell taken in 1961. bobpotts43@hotmail.com
Thanks to Bob Potts!

I know this post is years back, but If Harry Davies is still around I'd be delighted to hear from him.
Thanks to Tony (Anthony) Stock (1950-1957)!

Does anybody remember the Flixton Boys' Band, a brass band run by a Mr. Goddard who was also the conductor. This was during the '40s and the practice hall was where I first learned to play the cornet. As a result of this introduction to banding, I subsequently joined the Royal Marines Band service at the age of sixteen, and for the next thirteen years travelled and played all over the world. Music is still very much a part of my life. I now live in Calgary, Canada, and, as a musical director for a seniors' group that puts on some very ambitious stage shows, most of my time is spent writing and arranging the music. I have noticed, via the internet, that there is now a fairly active Flixton brass band. I wonder if this band is what eventually developed from the original boy's band.
Thanks to John Hughes!

Jack ! just reading through old Urmston memorabilia and came across your article. It must be YOU ! Married to Brenda Dootson and brother of Edna. Do you remember Les and Dot Welsh ? We moved to Lincolnshire from Urmston in 1975. We know that sadly we lost Edna a few years ago and I think that was the last time we had contact with Cyril. Hope he is keeping well also Ann and Geof you and Brenda may remember our two kids Lesley and Gary. It was through Lesley discovering this site on Urmston where I found you. Lovely to dig back in all this nostalgia. Hope you are both in good health. All the best for 2003.
Thanks to Les and Dot Welsh!

My maiden name was Pat Palmer and I have a brother John, now in Tasmania, but it is my brother, Colin, who sadly died in his early 40's, who was a friend of Kenny Welsh and I knew his sister, Jean. Kenny and his family have a florist shop near where I am now living in Warrington, but we all lived in Bradfield Road, when my family came to Urmston from Gt Malvern about middle 1950's. Kenny's,Dad was called Les and I am sure Kenny's elder brother was Les,too. Met up with Ken a few times and he was at Colin's funeral and also arranged the flower orders for my Mum's funeral. You MUST be related to this family I knew all that time ago.
Thanks to Pat Fielding (nee Palmer)!

Hi Les and Dot, I sent this message ages ago, maybe two years, and almost forgot it. It just so happened that I'm sitting here at loose ends and I thought I would just check to see if my message was still there. What a nice surprise it was to see your response. Wait 'til I tell Cyril this weekend. We usually phone him first Sunday in the month. He is keeping very well, by the way, and always sounds cheerful. We will be going over there towards the end of october for a few days, then off to Spain with Ann and Pete, her husband for a couple of weeks. It's too bad you didn't include your Email address, then I could have gone on a little longer. Anyway, I have included mine, so you could drop us a line. I have no idea when you sent your message, or when you will check back to see if I responded. But eventually you probably will. Until then, I hope you are all keeping well and in good health, as are Brenda and I. All the best, Jack and Brenda
Thanks to John Hughes!

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