Having technical problems?
Urmston.net is hosted with a on a shared Windows server which means it has to share resources with other websites. Occasionally there are times when the activity of all the websites on the shared server put so much of a strain on the server that it simply cannot cope. Sometimes the server will crash and urmston.net will not be available but most of the time the server will continue to function in this overwhelmed state and this is what causes the majority of problems that occur on the website.

Urmston.net is an interactive, database-driven website that uses databases to store information; the pages that you see in your browser do not actually exist as individual (static) pages. Instead the information contained on the majority of pages is pulled from databases which are also stored on the server. When the server is under a lot of pressure the resources required to connect a page on urmston.net to its relevant database are under such strain that the connection sometimes “times out”; in other words the server does not have enough free resources to connect the page to the database and this will then cause a database error. However, Urmston.net is Load balanced so it should pull resources from other servers if required.

If you have entered some information but it hasn't appeared on the website then it may be because the information was badly written ie. no capital letters for names of people or place; lowercase i or that everything is written in uppercase. I don't mind changing a few things but some people will write a paragraph of names and places without using a single capital letter. It really depends on what kind of mood I'm in and how much time I have. Sometimes I will take one look at the formatting of a post and quarantine it without even bothering to read it.

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