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Lees Field
Topic posted by Jose ... dated:13 April 2007
I am finding it increasingly difficult to exercise my dog on the local fields in the Davyhulme area. Lees field is convenient for me to walk my dog there and to let him off the lead for some energetic exercise.
I work full time and don’t usually arrive home till 5.30 and then take my dog out to Lees field, however recently I’ve noticed that just as I arrive the football teams start arriving and setting up the field for the pitches. I have a large dog and being a responsible owner I don’t let him off the lead if children are nearby as I know large dogs can be intimidating and may knock a child over. I therefore no sooner arrive on the field and then have to come off to make way for the football matches. I've sometimes tried Broadway field instead but this is sometimes the same. I think it it quite unfair for the council to allocate the use of these fields for football only. It would have been better if the footballers could arrive at 6.30pm to allow the dog walkers to exercise there dogs first.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:23 October 2017

What has brought this up Rozzer?
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Rozzer ... dated:23 October 2017

Urmston Meds Football are to ignorant, to come on here and tell us all how they got, Trafford Council to let them take over Lees Field.

Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Evad ... dated:30 September 2013
Surely this site is not the correct way to report a broken fence that needs fixing!!!!
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Rozzer ... dated:30 September 2013
It was not damaged during a football tournament, but late at night or in the early hours.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Mickrick ... dated:29 September 2013
I know it was damaged by a car but it needs sorting soon before someone gets injured.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Rozzer ... dated:29 September 2013
It was damaged by a car, that drove into it.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Mickrick ... dated:28 September 2013
The damaged railing at Lees Field on Gleneages Road needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  I think it was damaged at a recent football tournament and could quite easily injure a child.  
Come on Trafford M.B.C., get it sorted!
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:26 July 2012
A search for information shows that Meadowside lease the land from Trafford. It states that they do this for their sole usage. The club house project was completed October 2011 with full approval from Council.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Knitwit ... dated:26 July 2012
I have no knowledge of the dangers of cow pats and imagine that they are safe but there is a difference between them and dog dirt .The latter can have serious consequences for humans .
I walk across the field with my dog but if she performs then I collect it in a bag and dispose of the bag and contents  in a bin . I can't understand why people bother to collect then throw the bags in the bushes .
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Ianw ... dated:26 July 2012
I contacted Councillor Shaw regarding this matter and he is not aware of any planning application for an all weather pitch here to date.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Nolan ... dated:26 July 2012
Get back to the point! No Development of Lees Field!
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:25 July 2012
Why are so many people getting so obsessed with a bit of dog do, you surely can't believe it is that bad a situation. As a lad I played football down on the Meadows which was covered with ten inch diameter pats of cow dung and I have lived to tell the tale. It was nothing to kick off as you watched them steam. I guess we should have told the farmer to pick them up and bag it.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by EricJ ... dated:25 July 2012
I cannot understand parents who realise Lees Field may be cotaminated with dog, fox, cat, rat and bird fouling allow their children to play on this field. I used to walk retired Guide Dogs and ALWAYS cleared any mess wherever I went, the dog waste bin on Lees fields was often full to the top which Trafford MBC didn't care about and in this hot weather many flies will be having a good time. My advice is all fields carry disease so stay off the grass. 
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Nolan ... dated:25 July 2012
I often use Lees Field to run on and regular see dog owners clear up after their dogs but am aware that some don't, they use the 'walk away not noticing what their dog is doing' technique! Apart from this the field is enjoyed by all types of people doing lots of different things.
Anyway, as someone who lives very near to the field I am completely opposed to any development of the land.  Us locals put up with the noise of the football, the balls into the garden, litter on the field and the very inconsiderate parking round Gleneagles Road.  We shouldn't have to have any more disruption. 
If Urmston Meds are so wealthy, let them buy a field away from houses and leave us in peace.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Evad ... dated:25 July 2012
Qoute " It's very unfair that we're all being tarred with the same brush. If you read the comments about the dog walkers, you'll be in no doubt your comment is wrong.
Anyway lets get back on track about the proposed build.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Eeyore ... dated:24 July 2012
I think people on here need to realise that there are many very responsible dog owners who always pick up their dog's poo and there are the irresponsible and selfish dog owners who don't. It's very unfair that we're all being tarred with the same brush.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Wehttam ... dated:24 July 2012
I think we are all singing from the same hymn sheet when we say dog owners should pick up their pooh. Its disgusting, selfish and should be policed more robustly by our community officers.
Anyhows...As you are from Meadowside could you fill us in with the plans for a floodlit all weather surface on Lees Field. Is it a plan and are you securing funding or have I just been misled?
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:22 July 2012
Lees' Field is quite large but when I walk across it (in fine weather) on a Sunday, on my way home from St. Mary's, there are often several matches or practice games being played simultaneously. However, provided that I keep close to the golf course fence, the games do not cause any problem to pedestrians.
Unfortunately one certainly does need to keep a careful watch on where one is treading because of Fido having been taken for an outing to exercise his bowels. On the subject of which, there is someone in the area who actually bags up their hound's business but then leaves the bag against people's garden walls or hedges behind lampposts etc. Why do they just not bin it after bagging it?
I would imagine that Lees' Field just passed into the ownership of Trafford Borough Council when it absorbed the assets of the old Urmston Urban District Council back in 1974, no purchase being necessary.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:22 July 2012
Having another think about this subject, there is a size problem that keeps coming up in my mind. A football field, with some room for spectators and a change room, doesn't fill nine acres. If it takes half, is it a fact that there is room for both football and walkers? The impression is, that one is against the other rather than sharing.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Evad ... dated:18 July 2012
edd. Or a Dom Jolly jumping out from the hedgerow with a big megaphone letting all and saundry know what crime they've committed. 
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Edd ... dated:18 July 2012
Perhaps, in these days of high technology, we could have cameras which detect owners letting their dogs foul the field, causing a big LED sign to light up asking them not to do this.
On the other hand, considering how similar signs don't seem to deter many criminal, anti-social motorists from breaking the speed limit, we shouldn't bother.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by NicNic ... dated:18 July 2012
Steak, you can currently walk across Lees Field, from one side to the other with no problems. Yes there may be football on but the field is not locked up, you have access. The building is fenced in and locked up but this does not stop you from gaining access to cross the field. You can have a picnic on there if you wish to. The fact that there is a childs fooball game/traning on is not going to prevent you from doing this. Manners would prevent you from plonking yourself in the middle of a football pitch and setting up, just like if some children were playing on Davyhulme Park or Flixton Fields or there was a family picnic happening you wouldn't invade their space. It's open to everyone and enough space for all to use
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by EricJ ... dated:16 July 2012
wehttam; which year did Trafford Council purchase Lees fields from Urmston Urban District Council?
I would like to see the minutes of the meeting which sanctioned the land to change hands. 
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:16 July 2012
I fail to see how the land could be leased out when it is public open space, by all accounts I should be able to walk through that land, have a picnic or walk a dog "which I don't have" even if there is a game on. Not that I would want to spoil a game but what makes the club think that they can do what they want and prevent others from having the freedom of use of this land. If it is a public open space then that is what it is, end of story. I hope now that someone from the club will come on here and explain the true position between them and this land.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Wehttam ... dated:16 July 2012
There was already a changing room and car park prior to them leasing the land so an upgrade would not be seen as a material change of use by the planners hence why they could build their club house (probably cannily described as a changing facility in the planning application).
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Wehttam ... dated:16 July 2012
To clarify, the land is owned by Trafford and is leased by AFC Meds. They do not own the club house building they funded and they would not own the All Weather Facility that they are proposing to fund and develop. 
I was down there on Saturday watching my nephew and enquired as to what the plans were regarding the All Weather facility. All the parents I asked were are all aware about it, along with the proposal for floodlighting to enable them to play/train later into the evening. They have already raised a substantial amount towards it and are planning to start next year.
As I stated earlier it would have been unwise to start to fundraise the proposal without them getting Traffords buy in, whether they have gone down the correct route is another question.
It would be nice if a Meadowside representative could come on here to clarify the situation especially as the majority of people on this message board live in and around the area (it would be the neighbourly thing to do!).
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Evad ... dated:16 July 2012
Divad. The point I was making was; How did they get permission to build the facilities that they have now, not additionaly.  Were any clauses included in his gift to the public?.
Thus, has Mr Lees bequeathed gift already been breached, I wonder?
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:15 July 2012
This is a copy of my post October 2008.
Mr. A. T. Lees bequeathed nine acres of land to Urmston c.1935 to be used as "Public pleasure and rest gardens"
Trafford should do some research before doing anything with this land to contravene that fact.
Re: Lees Field
Reply posted by Evad ... dated:15 July 2012
Qoute "Urmston Meds do not own Lees Field and must not be allowed any more development of the area.
Which makes me think; How did they get the planning in the first place. Anybody know?
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