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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

I used to be taken to the Baths for dances, but I was always terrified of dancing at the "deep" end - just in case!
Thanks to Jeannie Wheeldon!

I used to go the The Baths on a Saturday night during the winter months when it was not used for swimming. Yes, they covered the pool with a wooden floor. I went there during the mid 50's . I don't think dances were held there much after that.
Thanks to Irene Sanders!

Bernadette, your mum is right,inthe middle fifties I used to dance at Urmston Baths. they covered the baths with a beautiful polished floor, and with the dome ahead the music of the live band was terrific.
Thanks to Jean Riley nee Slater!

The boys used to pay to go in and open the window to let the girls in, all pin curls and head scarves, ready to brush out and add the the glitter. the net skirts dipped in sugar water to make them stick out made a few snags in the nylons
Thanks to Jean Riley nee Slater!

Yes - the baths were used for dances in the 1950's. Pre-war (i.e.pre 1939) Urmston Baths were considered to be of Olympic standard and we saw some of the best swimmers there including a Scottish brother and sister - he was the diving champion. I too remember spending happy hours at the Baths and going to the cafe for hot oxo's before we went home - I was a pupil at Urmston Grammar School (1942-1947) and we used to walk in a crocodile to the baths for swimming lessons. We also used to go to the Palace and Empress cinemas for the Saturday matinees. All week we collected jam jars from the neighbours to sell to raise the money to get in. If you were flush you could afford to go upstairs and then drop things onto the plebs below. Does anybody remember the fields where the pre-fabs were built after the war - Winchester Road - we spent hours there fighting rival gangs and building dens. Also the 'little field' which was hemmed in by the houses along Greenfield Avenue,Derby Road and Crofts Bank Road - the VE day and VJ day bonfires were held there as well as the annual bonfire nights - a safe place for us all to play - and scrump apples from the gardens of the houses on Crofts Bank - I can remember the Wright family (5 children),the Harrisons,the Farrimonds,the Cooks and the MacMurdos (4 children) all living on either Greenfield Avenue or Derby Road - we all attended Urmston Council School and walked across Golden Hill Park to get there. On the way home we would stop off for a go on the Big Dipper. When the GI's arrived we would plague them for gum. They were stationed at Park Hospital and seemed very exotic to us kids - happy days -
Thanks to Mac the Knife!

Urmston baths were in fact used for dancing in the winter. As a pupil at urmston grammer i went swimming once a week during the open season. i also went dancing after learning to dance at Sidney Painters School of Modern Dancing which was situated on the road leading up to the cemetry in Urmston. In those days it was a choice between dancing and snooker in the Temperance Billiard Hall which had an unusual semi circular domed roof.
Thanks to Alan James!

What happy memories the comments made concerning Urmston Baths have come to mind. Many happy hours I spent dancing there. Xmas and New Year dances were held in both the baths and the Princess Rooms. Happy,Happy,days.
Thanks to Derek.J.Hallworth.!

Your Mum is correct about dances at Urmston baths Bernadette.They covered the pool over and it made for rather springy dancing.They also used the princess rooms for old time dancing at Xmas and New year.The period covered would the 50s and 60s.Many times I enjoyed the times there. Happy Days.
Thanks to Derek J Hallworth!

Oh yes I remember the swimming baths being turned into a dance hall in the winter. We had some fabulous times there and New years eve was amazing. I am so glad I found this site, the memories it brings back such happy memories.
Thanks to Maureen Oates, nee Bennett!

My sister Deanna and myself June went to the New Years Eve dance at the baths near the Curson cinema each year from 1955 on for a few years and they were great June Damianidis ne Darby Canada.
Thanks to june Damianidis ne Darby!

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