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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

Jack ! just reading through old Urmston memorabilia and came across your article. It must be YOU ! Married to Brenda Dootson and brother of Edna. Do you remember Les and Dot Welsh ? We moved to Lincolnshire from Urmston in 1975. We know that sadly we lost Edna a few years ago and I think that was the last time we had contact with Cyril. Hope he is keeping well also Ann and Geof you and Brenda may remember our two kids Lesley and Gary. It was through Lesley discovering this site on Urmston where I found you. Lovely to dig back in all this nostalgia. Hope you are both in good health. All the best for 2003.
Thanks to Les and Dot Welsh!

My maiden name was Pat Palmer and I have a brother John, now in Tasmania, but it is my brother, Colin, who sadly died in his early 40's, who was a friend of Kenny Welsh and I knew his sister, Jean. Kenny and his family have a florist shop near where I am now living in Warrington, but we all lived in Bradfield Road, when my family came to Urmston from Gt Malvern about middle 1950's. Kenny's,Dad was called Les and I am sure Kenny's elder brother was Les,too. Met up with Ken a few times and he was at Colin's funeral and also arranged the flower orders for my Mum's funeral. You MUST be related to this family I knew all that time ago.
Thanks to Pat Fielding (nee Palmer)!

Hi Les and Dot, I sent this message ages ago, maybe two years, and almost forgot it. It just so happened that I'm sitting here at loose ends and I thought I would just check to see if my message was still there. What a nice surprise it was to see your response. Wait 'til I tell Cyril this weekend. We usually phone him first Sunday in the month. He is keeping very well, by the way, and always sounds cheerful. We will be going over there towards the end of october for a few days, then off to Spain with Ann and Pete, her husband for a couple of weeks. It's too bad you didn't include your Email address, then I could have gone on a little longer. Anyway, I have included mine, so you could drop us a line. I have no idea when you sent your message, or when you will check back to see if I responded. But eventually you probably will. Until then, I hope you are all keeping well and in good health, as are Brenda and I. All the best, Jack and Brenda
Thanks to John Hughes!

Jack, Not sure when you replied to mum and dads message but I've just spotted it (17th July 03). I can't seem to find your email ad. but I've just phoned my mum and dad and read your message to them, they are delighted and will be in touch. In the meantime my email ad. through which you can contact them is lesleygoodacre@hotmail.com. Glad to hear you and Brenda are both well. Lesley now aged 48 !!!
Thanks to Lesley Goodacre (nee Welsh)!

My name was Pat Gill and my sister's name was Pamela and I remember the Walsh family on Bradfield Road, Urmston. We lived at No. 1, Durnford Avenue I am not quite sure about who was the eldest but I do remember, Les, Jean and Kenny They lived next door to the Mountfords on one side and then next door to them was Pat Parkinson, who was my best friend during our school years. I now live in Llandudno and have done since 1952, but it's always good to recall the old times in Urmston.
Thanks to Pat Edwards (nee Gill)!

I lived at 309 kingsway park till 1959 and spent many hours playing in that polish camp. I know it had something to do with interring people there through the war, but to us kids it was an amazing playground with all kinds of wonderous places to hide and play in. my brother David Darby set fire to it once I am sure he will not mind me telling, after all it isn,t there now.Well that's my little story . by the way my mother was reared by her aunt in the nags head hotel, the aunt was called Maud Copeland husband bob my mother was Nancy Darby & she worked in the pub through the war years .well all June demands nee Darby Ijust remembered that the Copelands son ran a wallpaper shop at the Nags Head circle his name was robert Copeland By for now june
Thanks to June Damianidis!

June Damianidis wrote about "playing in that polish camp....something to do with interring people through the war". If she is referring to the old military area beyond the end of Kingsway Park I can tell her that during the war it was actually an Anti Aircraft Gun site (HAA Unit). I lived in Kingsway Park throughout the war and well remember those guns firing away throughout the nights of the air raids on Manchester. Otherwise I would be interested to know of the location of the "polish camp" as I lived in Kingsway Park from 1938 to 1955 and have never heard mention of such a thing.
Thanks to Thomas Roy Daniel!

At the end of the war the barracks on the anti aircraft gun site were used
Thanks to Charles Wright!

Regarding the correction by Thomas Roy Daniel, about the polish camp. well i must agree with June Damianidis on that, not that i dont agree with Thomas either, but as a kid i too used to play with my mates in what was always known to us as ..the polish camp. this one..was situated between lostock rd, and dover park . (oposite where the moss vale pub is now).
Thanks to Keith Roberts!

I found this site accidentally but am really glad I did, it has brought back memories. I too played in the 'Polish Camp' along with my brothers. Does anybody remember the Gregson clan? We lived at 247 Kingsway Park. We used to go potato picking at the farm behind the houses (can't remember the name) to get extra money but woe betide you if the farmer caught you in his corn field.
Thanks to Irene Pennington (nee Gregson)!

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