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Urmston Baths - yes I remember them covering the pool with a dance floor and holding dance nights there, If I remember correctly, if was used for dancing in the Winter, and then re-opened as a swimming pool in the summer.
Thanks to Rod Cartledge!

The Rolling Stones played "The Baths" in the 60's. The opening act was Herman's Hermits.....I remember seeing Freddie and the Dreamers at the Princess Rooms. then one year in the 60's at Urmston Show they had get this ( all on the same night) The Beatles.....Brian Poole and The Tremeloes and The Dennisons....I Believe that both the Beatles and Brian Poole had the song "Twist and Shout" in the charts together at this time.....
Thanks to Brian Holt!

I too remember Urmston Baths very well. During the early part of WWII I think they were closed for swimming, but about 1943 they re-opened and on a Wednesday afternoon in that year or 1944 a squad of boys was marched from Urmston Grammar School to go swimming instead of the usual games activity. Most of my friends could swim, and when I saw them doing so effortlessly, I decided there was nothing to it and flung myself into the deep end (9 feet as I recall) - and immediately started to drown, because I'd never been shown how to do it. A lot of guys thought I was fooling around, but fortunately Ken Raynor and Bobby Walton decided I wasn't - and they fished me out, after I'd sunk for the third time. It was a damn close run thing and when I'd recovered after heaving and coughing up a lot of chlorinated water, I have a vivid recollection of the face of the teacher in charge, Mr. Wright. He was white. Anyway, thanks Ken and Bobby. Curious that I'm not sure of the year. Almost 60 years on now, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss a minute of it. I did learn to swim a year or so sfter that - after overcoming a certain reluctance to go back in there. And then a lot later we had the dances there in the winter. The resident band was OK and in 1953 (I think) the Johnny Dankworth Big Band played a Saturday night gig there. That big glass dome made for very intersting acoustics. The Baths have gone now, so when did that happen, and why did they do that? And what has replaced the structure?
Thanks to Peter Roberts!

I also saw the Rolling Stones at the baths and remember seeing Mick Jagger in the phone box outside the shops near the Curzon Cinema before they appeared later. I queued up for ages to get their autographs. If only I'd have kept them! Again at Urmston Show in that large tent where the Beatles and Brian Poole appeared - what great memories. Can you imagine what it would cost these days to see groups like that!
Thanks to Myra Trow!

Yes I remember the dances at the baths. I went to the New Year 'dance' in 1962 with my first girl friend!!! A lifetime ago!!
Thanks to John Land!

I used to be taken to the Baths for dances, but I was always terrified of dancing at the "deep" end - just in case!
Thanks to Jeannie Wheeldon!

I used to go the The Baths on a Saturday night during the winter months when it was not used for swimming. Yes, they covered the pool with a wooden floor. I went there during the mid 50's . I don't think dances were held there much after that.
Thanks to Irene Sanders!

Bernadette, your mum is right,inthe middle fifties I used to dance at Urmston Baths. they covered the baths with a beautiful polished floor, and with the dome ahead the music of the live band was terrific.
Thanks to Jean Riley nee Slater!

The boys used to pay to go in and open the window to let the girls in, all pin curls and head scarves, ready to brush out and add the the glitter. the net skirts dipped in sugar water to make them stick out made a few snags in the nylons
Thanks to Jean Riley nee Slater!

Yes - the baths were used for dances in the 1950's. Pre-war (i.e.pre 1939) Urmston Baths were considered to be of Olympic standard and we saw some of the best swimmers there including a Scottish brother and sister - he was the diving champion. I too remember spending happy hours at the Baths and going to the cafe for hot oxo's before we went home - I was a pupil at Urmston Grammar School (1942-1947) and we used to walk in a crocodile to the baths for swimming lessons. We also used to go to the Palace and Empress cinemas for the Saturday matinees. All week we collected jam jars from the neighbours to sell to raise the money to get in. If you were flush you could afford to go upstairs and then drop things onto the plebs below. Does anybody remember the fields where the pre-fabs were built after the war - Winchester Road - we spent hours there fighting rival gangs and building dens. Also the 'little field' which was hemmed in by the houses along Greenfield Avenue,Derby Road and Crofts Bank Road - the VE day and VJ day bonfires were held there as well as the annual bonfire nights - a safe place for us all to play - and scrump apples from the gardens of the houses on Crofts Bank - I can remember the Wright family (5 children),the Harrisons,the Farrimonds,the Cooks and the MacMurdos (4 children) all living on either Greenfield Avenue or Derby Road - we all attended Urmston Council School and walked across Golden Hill Park to get there. On the way home we would stop off for a go on the Big Dipper. When the GI's arrived we would plague them for gum. They were stationed at Park Hospital and seemed very exotic to us kids - happy days -
Thanks to Mac the Knife!

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