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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

I have exchanged words with family members about the ice cream formula and although it is still available it is not cost effective anymore. The ingredients used back then make it too expensive for manufacture and to compete with the products available today.
Thanks to David Smith!

Just read the post from Jane Munday who says that Bernard Donnelly passed away on 30th Aug 2013. That's sad would loved to have met him again - some great times as I am sure Andy Wright would confirm, Phil O'Sullivan West Cork .
Thanks to Phillip O'Sullivan!

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